Managed Transportation

Managed transportation services from Washington Logistics utilize the latest web based TMS technology, combined with experienced logistics professionals to achieve transportation efficiency and cost savings.

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL! Washington Logistics offers a variety of platform for our clients including: Management of specific modes, inbound management, routing, or full outsourced transportation department.

Our services provide:

  • KPI Reporting
  • End-to-End visibility
  • Carrier negotiations and contracts
  • Claims management

How can Washington Logistics save 30% on your freight budget?

Washington Logistics focuses on a variety of cost areas. To achieve aggressive savings, the entire process, carrier selection, mode selection, soft costs, and penalties must be reviewed.

  • Least-Cost-Routing
  • Load optimization
  • Pool distribution
  • Backhaul management
  • Freight pay & audit

Cost Area Targeted Savings
Contract management
Load Optimization
Automation, Visibility, Paperless
Order execution to prevent detention charges, DC overtime, chassis per diem charges, missed appointment penalties