Supply Chain Design
Our experienced staff can design a supply chain to maximize cost efficiency, create redundancy, and position for expansion. Our staff of transportation experts and engineers work with our clients to create an end-to-end solution. The WLG team can handle both regional distribution projects, to complicated global architecture. Our business analytics team can monitor the design for efficiency, make appropriate adjustments, and implement expansion plans.
Freight Cost Reduction
WLG has the experience, technology, and staff to analyze and reduce freight costs. Our analysis reviews a variety of factors including mode selection, carriers, freight class, shipping locations, customer requirements, and transit times. Our technology and engineering staff create a model of the anticipated results. Most customers receive a 10-15% savings by adopting our transportation plan. We use a variety of strategies to achieve the results including: set sailing dates, multi-stop TL, pool consolidation, carrier negotiations, and freight bill auditing.
Special Projects
WLG has handled a variety of special projects for our clients. We provide the expertise and staffing to assist when our clients don’t have the resources to handle a specific project. Many of our clients have short term needs for talent. WLG’s ability to respond to customers needs makes us a valuable resource for corporate management. From product recalls, to new product rollouts, from time sensitive rebranding of retail locations, to POS, DSD display delivery, WLG can provide unique services, monitor/ report results, and adapt to project changes quickly. Ask a WLG representative for a list of projects we have handled over the last 10 years.
Business Analytics
usiness Analytics/KPI’s: Data fuels our business! Our services rely on our robust Business Analytics technology, to manage our business, influence decisions, and quantify our results. Our staff establishes Key Performance Indicators to manage processes and measure events. The data dictates our adjustments to ensure a balance between performance and costs. We provide our clients with daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to communicate the results.
DOT Compliance/ Audits
WLG has the specialists and the experience to handle all the complicated USDOT rules and regulations. We contract with many retired state and federal officials that understand the complexity of the requirements. Our programs can provide a complete review of the records, determine corrective actions, and participate in the audit process. Our programs include consulting services for accident investigation and monitoring of driver anniversary dates for specific DOT requirements. Ask a WLG representative for full presentation of our capabilities.
Marketing/Bus. Development
WLG offers a variety of programs to assist carriers with business development. Carriers utilize us to expand into new areas, introduce a new division, compliment their inhouse sales reps, or for a limited sales campaign to fill empty capacity. Our clients range from small family trucking companies, brokerage operations, to large multi-national 3PL’s.
Mergers & Acquisitions
WLG has the experience to assist carriers to prepare for a sale. Our approach identifies what a potential buyer would require to maximize the value for the shareholders. We prepare for the due diligence process, work to position the company for a sale, and assist the buyer and seller’s professionals to complete the transaction.
Operations Support
WLG can provide interim operational staffing for special projects and seasonal surges. Our experienced team can write Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), conduct operational training, and assist with new startup locations.
Fleet Utilization
WLG focusses on reducing costs and increasing revenue. Our technology allows us to analyze and manage our client’s fleet utilization. Our business analytics specialists will create operational models to maximize utilization. The new Hours of Service rules have impacted fleet efficiency. WLG’s Certified Transportation Planners factor in all the variables to achieve the operational goals, monitor the results, and make corrective actions. Speak to a sales representative to learn about a free Fleet Utilization analysis.
Mode Management
WLG provides support to our clients in a variety of ways to enhance their operation. Our services range from fully outsourced dispatch, to having WLG manage a single mode. Many of our clients are experts in their core business, but lack experience in specific modes such as air freight, expedited, or Canadian shipments. WLG can handle these modes to ensure a seamless, effective operation.
Backhaul Management
Inbound freight commonly known as “Backhaul” is key to reducing costs. WLG has the experience to identify the inbound freight to both our client’s facilities or nearby consignees. Typically we reduce empty miles by 75%. Our analytics tools can decipher freight costs buried into the cost of goods to maximize inbound efficiency. Ask a WLG sales representative for a free inbound analysis of your current program.
Outsourced Dispatch
Many of our clients utilize WLG TMS to manage their private fleet operation. Our system can optimize routing to minimize miles, manhours, while keeping appointments and delivery windows. Our services range from full dispatch operations to manage our clients’ fleets, after hour and weekend dispatch, to route modeling and scheduling.